The View from Afar

Writings by retired newspaper publisher Stephen Waters


Directory of files May 4, 2022
Social Studies Fiasco
Emboldened by their past success, progressive academics reached too far. In 2015, they were caught attempting to commandeer school curricula. The Rome (NY) Sentinel raised an alarm through a series of editorials for its readers: Social Studies Fiasco. .
The Fabric of Society
Later in 2015, with individuality so far undercut by top-down, centralized control, no particular institution was prepared any more to pick up the pieces. In a second series of 14 editorials, The Fabric of Society, tthe Rome (NY) Sentinel explained to readers that each of us individually was going to have to reclaim what the country, cultures, and society had dropped The Fabric of Society

Stephen B. Waters

In early 2021, with 46 years in the business, I retired as publisher of the Rome (NY) Daily Sentinel

After five generations of family ownership, despite an unsettled economy, we keep on. We understand that although we may own the newspaper, we hold it in stewardship for the community.

Across my career, so many other small newspapers were purchased by media chains, large newspapers sold their integrity, and broadcast news outfits fell back on superficial entertainment.

They put journalism in this country at risk. The best antidote is for individual readers to arm themselves to recognize the danger to their community, culture, and society itself.